International Business Development

Internationalization, partnerships and trade agreements are good tools for business development, whether the companies intend to find a “long-distance” partnership or invest directly abroad. Our goal is to find the right partner to achieve the best results in the short term and the appropriate agreement for medium-long term objectives.

In global and competitive markets, the cooperation between two or more companies is essential to meet requirements arriving from customers or to develop the business in countries particularly strategic. Join strengths and cultures for the realization of a common project, which can be industrial or commercial, brings significant advantages by creating synergies and sharing risks.

We help our customers find the right partner to give life to the joint venture, and we make sure to safeguard the interests of the parties from all points of view.

We help companies to guide their choices in international contexts, starting from the identification of interesting markets for their products and services.

Having assessed all the micro and macroeconomic variables and the dynamics of markets of interest, we proceed with the draft of a plan to define the development strategy, the positioning of products or services, possible distribution channels and potential clients.