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China Europe

The Panda Bond issue plan created together with the Bank of China for 650 million euros (equivalent to 5 billion Renminbi) and destined to finance Italian companies, especially SMEs active in China, has already received interest of 100 million euros funding and is about to get the green disk of the Chinese authorities.

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tax benefits

The tax benefits for those investing in the capital of innovative SMEs change depending on the chosen model, both in terms of taxation of dividends and capital gains. For this reason, taxpayers and their consultants are called to carefully evaluate what to do, in a scenario where official clarifications are missing on many points.

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The cars of the future will be part of an ecosystem capable of giving value to the customer through mobility, communication and information. Today, this environment sees the entry of ever new partners, with processes, product life cycles and interaction channels with completely different customers.

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European Mobility & Industry Venture Forum 2018

8 Winners qualified to European Venture Contest Final 2018: Energica Motor Company, Composite Research,, Fenris Motorcycles, CarPlanner, SoFlow, Nuova Industria Torinese, blubrake. The European Mobility & Industry Venture Forum 2018 (EMIVF) taked place on 26 November in Turin, Italy. 30 technology startups from all over Europe met and presented themselves to international investors and...

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We are pleased to announce the opening of a new office in Alba at the headquarters of the Associazione Commercianti Albesi (ACA) - 3, Piazza San Paolo, Alba, CN, Italy.

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Nosotti International

By Nosotti International, Fast Direct Link is a partner for Italian companies wishing to export made in Italy to the world. We work to meet the needs of foreign markets by enhancing the Italian product. We operate by taking care and attention to the quality of the products to establish with our customers a relationship of trust that protects their image in the world.

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We are pleased to announce that Fast Direct Link has founded, with partners Marcarino Arredamenti, PAT. e Primat, +39Platform for architecture and interior design.

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Esam Open House Presentation

2018, February 12 - 16, Trofarello (TO) Italy

ESAM opens its doors to present complete line for the production of agricoltural rim with fast tools changeover:

Diameter from 24” to 54”

Width from 9” to 34”

Medium Frequency DC welding machine Butt & Flash welding

Changeover < 30 minutes

Inline high spot marking

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Fast Direct Link is supporting ATS business development seeking for strategic investors and buyers of the new Italian supercar: ATS GT with the goal to introduce ATS as the premium brand belongs to a mass production high brand passenger cars in developing markets.

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Operazione Emarc-Baosteel

Fast Direct Link collaborated on the acquisition of 75% of the capital of Emarc spa by the Chinese steel giant Baosteel.

Emarc is a Turin company active in the production of metal components from tubulars, profiles and molded parts, which boasts among its customers primary car manufacturers, including Renault group, as well as important partnerships with the FCA group.